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Jan 14th - Jan 27th 2016 PROGRAM

14 Day Program - $49

Join below - and be sure to let me know you're in - via - EMAIL!

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Account name: B C PampWestpac Make payable to Brad Pamp To Brad Pamp
BSB: 032007
Account no.: 438677


Please clearly add your full name for foosmy records.


NOTE - Full money back guarentee if you're unsatisfied! 



Before starting, consult your physician if you have suffered with any metabolic or cardiovascular jkjkill-health - eg diabetes, non-alcoholic liver disease.
If you sign up and then your physician recommends my rebooting program is not in your best interest, I will refund your joining fee immediately.
Brad Pamp will not be held liable in any way, shape, or form for any injury, health risk or illness in association with this program.
When in doubt – please consult your physician.
Brad Pamp