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14th Jan - 27th Jan 2016


It’s NOT just excessive sugar, gluten, trans fats and caffeinated drinks that’s causing Australia’s sliding ill-health!


In fact my experience suggests there’s something FAR WORSE!


Read on...


Why join!

*Yes, certainly it offers a much needed clean out paryyfollowing the Festive season, but there's far more to it this year's reboot....


It's about,

* Reclaiming your once perfect and original energy producing machine!
* Reversing the ill-health effects of big food business.
* Understanding how Big food business hijacked your brain and metabolism, and,
* Has left our continued good health at risk!

Over 14 Days we'll be eliminating the MAIN CULPRIT for self induced illness and fatness, leaving you;

* More energetic, * Sleeping better, * More tolerant, and * On your way towards your most ideal living weight!

Your food/ health awareness journey starts now...

Check out the changes in Australian Health Statistics - 1970 to 2015
* (Pre-mature) Heart Disease – (1970 -23% - 2015 - 31%)gut health * High Blood Pressure – (16% -> 34%) * Diabetes (delayed onset insulin related illness) – (4% -> 23%) * Non-alcoholic liver disease – (7% - 29%) * Dementia – 3% -> 10% (25K Australians <65yrs – 3/10 > 85yrs) * We got fat – 13% - 63% (are now over the weight nature intended for them)
With data also confirming we are now,
* More effected by lifestyle stress – physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually, * More medicated, * More reliant on quick fixes, * Sleeping and recovering more poorly, and we're * Less tolerant.
The Reason!
Firstly, and even perhaps a little surprisingly, consider the culinary and lifestyle influences that HAVE NOT CHANGED from 1970-2015.
Some of these influences are incorrectly considered primary reasons for Australian growing ill-health concerns.
1) Alcohol consumption – 1770 -> 2015 not much has drinkchanged. 2) Exercise and movement – The marathon boom, Aerobics boom, 24/7 Gym boom, Triathlon, and Boot Camps all hit in a huge way after 1970 – so as a nation, we’re now far more active. 3) Illicit Drugs – per head, usage statistics sadly remains the same. 4) Salt – while un-real foods have increased salt consumption, thankfully, we have an efficient inbuilt safeguard against excessive salt consumption. 5) Lifestyle stress – while stats suggest we are more affected by lifestyle stress, the stress itself has remained much the same – mortgage, parenting, relationships, bills etc. 6) We still love bacon & eggs – it’s a perpetual classic, and, it is this way for a damn good reason.

• Data proves for most people (not all) the list mentioned above can be tolerated in moderation and for the most part are NOT addictive.

Australia’s sliding health statistics coincide with the most significant culinary changes (or increase in exposure and consumption) from 1970 to 2015 here in Australia:
The BIG 5 – and in order if significance and influence are:
1) Food Additives (1975->) – Food flavouring, colouring, odours, preservatives, enhancers. 2) High fructose corn syrup (modified sugar) (1972->) – foosWith reduced dietary fat, flavour and appetite were increased with added refined sugar. 3) Gluten (1968->) – Increase in classic gluten sources like cereals, breads, and pasta, but also cakes, biscuits, crisps etc.  We basically ate over our healthy threshold. 4) Trans fats (1980 - >) – Commercially a cheaper yet health harming means of food production. 5) Caffeine (1993 ->) – Commercial franchise cafe’s hit Australia in the early 90’s increasing consumption.

• Data proves for many, these ingredients (particularly if consumed to excess) can be indeed toxic and addictive.



Certainly my data and research confirms it seems that food additives, most significantly food fodddflavouring and aroma's, has contributed most significantly towards Australian growing ill-health concerns.
While sugar, or more so High Fructose Corn Syrup has most certainly caused metabolic and emotional illness, if it wasn’t for (added and modified) food flavouring and aroma's, consumption of sugar would be largely self regulated – by us!
For example; if soft drinks, sweets, ice blocks etc, were simply natural sugar (or even HFCS) and water only, consumption levels would be self-controlled, leaving consumption both safe and tolerated.
Even gluten products would be somewhat self restricted if it wasn’t for modified food flavouring.
Food flavouring tricks and hijacks our brain. It confuses our most brilliant energy regulated system.
Modified food flavouring distorts our innate ability to control:
* Our most appropriate food volume,
brainnnn * Our food choices and interests, and
* How often we eat.
A brain free of emotional tricking enhancers will simply self regulate consumption leaving you;
* Healthy and holding your most ideal weight and shape.
That’s how it was for centuries.
Like anything, it just needs a quick re-tuning service.

* food has the greatest influence on your fddmood, energy, weight, and continued performance.

The Solution
Increase your awareness of food additives, namely food flavouring enhancers and aroma's over a 14 day designated period - I've provided over 80 meal options.
Basically we're practicing (together) eliminating food with added flavouring (colours, aroma’s and preservatives) for just 14 days.
It's a game - and a challenge if you like. 
Educate (get to know the evil #'s) and surround yourself with only real food - foodcfood choices that suit you best.
Eat whatever you like, whenever you like, as much as you like – as long it’s free of metabolism distorting additives.

Remember there is no absolute one diet fit all. No diet should ever be labelled, calculated, coded, or have a mascot.